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Stay in the Pineapple

Understanding a new country can be daunting whether it is how to get an authentic view of how real people live, understanding a genuine history or just going ‘off the beaten track’.

At EnglishTourism we do not do package deals, we do not do cookie-cutter one size fits all packaged holidays and we certainly do not do those ridiculous up at stupid o’clock coach trips for a yawn inducing look around some ancient pile of stones or building without context or understanding you and your interests.

Our bespoke holidays are often cheaper and always better than the package holiday mob.

We believe the only people who should do packages are DHL and FexEd…!

So why don’t more people do it…?

Most travel Companies are like supermarkets, they leverage their purchasing power and standardise their offering… all well and good if you are selling a basic product.   

However, if you want to buy something special you probably visit your local game butchers, vineyard or artisan bakers.

Sounds easy but where do you start when you are unfamiliar with the Country – that is our niche and our passion.

EnglishTourism provides everything from practical guides and advice, chauffeurs if you want freedom but don’t want the bother of driving or hate the idea of driving on the ‘wrong side of the road’, through to full escorted tours


Stay in Morpeth Castle Gatehouse
Bedroom at one of the properties we use.

We are a proud member of the KBBF LLP Group of companies.

Please contact us at:

2 Fullers Yard

Tel: +44.1843.230000 or
email: info[at]englishtourism.co.uk

We specialise in themed tours including:

  • History of England
  • Tracing your roots [All UK and Ireland]
  • Stays in Historic Buildings
  • Industrial Heritage including Steam Railways
  • Film Locations
  • Skipper and Chauffeur Services for hire vehicles and boats
Skipper and Chauffeur Services